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Creating Change Where It Matters

I’m Brigitte Nix - a professional coach and well-being specialist with an holistic approach.

Positively different problem solving

I have been assisting my clients for over 25 years with problem solving at times of crisis as well as at times of excitement and opportunity. My methods are tried, tested and suited to surviving and thriving in today’s world.

Holistic approach

I offer physical therapies and talking therapies alongside coaching because it makes sense.

Mind and body are not two separate systems. They are always interacting. Bottlenecks can occur in any system, at any time, at any age and in any area of life.

I guide my clients to make changes where it matters.

In pursuit of professional or personal development?

My coaching method is eclectic, effective in any area and, I have been told, never boring.

Let go of stress and be more comfortable with how your body works

Qualified and experienced in delivering a range of physical therapy modalities.

Heal and leave behind any bundles of baggage

There are many ways of moving on and unwinding. A listening ear and a deep understanding.